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The Profectus Formula

“I GAMBLED £100 AND WON £700,840


---The Profectus Formula ---

Et Prosperitate eorum

You are now going to read about what must be the best, most reliable horse racing selection system you have ever seen. Five years have been spent on making this the most consistent money making horse racing system ever.


The Profectus Formula is definitely the best - and I’ll guarantee it!

We know how to spot a good betting system and we should as we have been selling our portfolio of highly profitable systems for many years.

There are certain things we insist on before we’ll put a betting system up for sale. Those things are…. Long term profitability, regular well priced winners, Simple straightforward instructions.

When we first developed this system we knew we were onto something special but it took a few years of testing, researching and fine tuning before we were 100% satisfied. Those years have not been wasted. The “Profectus Formula” is without doubt the best opportunity you will ever have to finally make a real income from horse racing.

Just as I am sure of the quality of this formula, I’m also sure that this isn't the first time you've heard such claims. Where our claims differ from those made by other tipsters is that we are prepared to give a 100% Money Back Lifetime Guarantee.

That’s right, 100% lifetime money back full refund means that any month you do not make a profit we will give you your money back. Have you ever heard of anyone giving you a guarantee like this? Of course not, nobody else has the confidence in their products like we do in ours.

Read our guarantee and you'll see just how confident we are about how effective The Profectus Formula is.                                                    

But it’s not all good news!

One unfortunate downside of using this formula is that gambling on horses is about to lose all its excitement. More accurately gambling no longer exists!

For you betting on horses is reduced to following a simple set of instructions. Instructions which have been proven to provide regular consistent and profitable winners. Day after day, week after week and month after month.

Gambling will become predictable and dare I say it - boring!

No risk, no uncertainty, no excitement. Just money. Lots of money. But what would you rather have?

So if you…..

Like taking risks

Enjoy the uncertainty of life

Have money that you need to get rid of

Enjoy the thrill of the chase

Forget it! This system is not for you.

But if you don't care about enjoying the sport and you just want to win for a change, then you are about to improve your life more than you could ever have imagined.

So there you have it, no gambling, no excitement, just regular consistent winners.

Whenever you're ready to start your new lifestyle just send back your priority reservation certificate and get ready for a new level of success.

Your Best Bet Ever!


100% Lifetime Money Back Plus Guarantee

“Why do our Competitors Guarantee their Systems for only 30 days? Do they know something about their methods that they are not telling you?”

Most gambling systems come with a money back guarantee but this only for 30 days to test the system. How many times have you seen a betting system that actually comes with a Lifetime Guarantee?

Actually we all know that such a guarantee for a horse racing system has never been offered - until now that is! This is because we have spent years developing, testing and improving the system and we have we have come up with a method which just cannot and will not fail

We are happy to take all of the risk!

This is the deal

Follow the formula and you will make a substantial profit - with absolutely no risk.

We expect those profits to be immediate, but to really prove it to you we will give you not 30 days, not 60 days, not even a 90 day guarantee. We are giving you a lifetime guarantee!

If you follow the instructions and don't make a profit well refund the purchase price of the formula no questions asked! But we must be very clear on this point. This guarantee depends on the instructions being followed fully and precisely. We will not cover any losses made through incorrect selections or by missing bets etc.

The Profectus Formula is simplicity itself to follow so the risk of making an error is almost non-existent. The formula was written, developed and tested by us so surely it makes sense that we should accept responsibility for the results it produces.

When we say gambling no longer exists we truly mean it. Losing is not an option!

This type of lifetime guarantee is completely unheard of but it is absolutely genuine and there really is no way you can possibly lose.


We do not believe in making a big fuss about past results because it’s just too easy for anybody to make up a system to suit the past rather than the future.

What we prefer to do is develop a formula based on those past results but which then continues to prove itself throughout a long term trial.

This is exactly what we did with this new formula and it is the amazing success during that extensive trial that has given us the confidence to offer our superb lifetime guarantee

Having said that, for the sake of the skeptics we present a brief summary of the systems last six months performance…
















£4, 370




Bets per month


Wins per month


Strike rate


Average Monthly Profit

£3, 525


Profits are based on the Profectus Formula staking plan, with stakes starting at £50 per bet. The amount you'll actually win will obviously vary depending on the amount you choose to bet.

You can see from these results that the formula doesn't find a winner every time. In fact more than half of all selections will actually lose. If this bothers you don't apply to buy the system.

If however you can see the long term profits come from regular, consistent, decent priced winners ,just complete the priority reservation certificate and get ready for a dramatic change in lifestyle.


OK, you've read about the “The Profectus Formula” and you've obviously got a few questions. We've been writing, designing and selling gambling systems for many years and were pretty sure that we know what we’re doing.

It is very likely that whatever you want to ask, we’ve already been asked many times before and you'll find the answer below.

If your formula is so good, why don't you just make money betting?

We do make money betting as well, but we’re just greedy I guess. Why do some people have more than one car or house? Enough is never enough is it?

How do I know your figures are genuine?

For the moment you'll just have to trust us. However when you have your copy of the formula you will be able to paper trade and check all our claims for yourself - just as all previous buyers have been able to do.

How can you give a 100% Lifetime money back plus guarantee?

We know just how reliable our formula is. That’s why we have never needed to give any client a refund. Remember - losing is simply not an option!

Do you offer a free trial period?

No. Our guarantee means that there is no need. You'll be trying out the formula with small stakes and if you don't make a profit you'll get back every penny of your money you paid for the formula

.                                                  More questions answered….

How much will I win?

As much as you want. During the trial period it is recommended that stakes are kept low until you are happy that the formula has proved itself to you. When you are confident about increasing your stakes, you can decide for yourself how much or little you want to bet.

Whats the systems longest losing run?

In our worst period we had a run of eleven losing bets. The strength of the formula actually meant we ended that month with profits of double the average. We've also had a run of six losing bets.

What is your longest winning run?

In our best period we had a run of seven winning bets. Runs of three or four winners or losers are fairly common.

What happens if I make the wrong selections?

It depends on whether the mis-selection wins or loses. If it wins then accept your share of good luck. If it loses be more careful in future and you'll soon win it back. If you follow the formulas simple instructions you should not have any trouble selecting winning bets.

What size betting bank will I need?

If you are betting to supplement an existing income you might not need a betting bank at all. Just cover the first few bets and from then on the formula will fund itself. If you intend to use the system for a full time income I would recommend starting with a betting bank of £1000.

How many bets are advised each day?

The formula advises just one bet a day. If you rely on a local bookie you should really open a few accounts either telephone or internet betting. Even better than using bookmakers is to place your bets on the exchanges such as Betfair.com. You are betting directly against other punters, not a bookmaker and the odds are usually higher than a bookmaker. Betfair take a small commission on winnings so they make money regardless of whether you win or lose.

Is my income taxable?

No. Everything you make by following the formula is completely tax free!

How much do you bet?

I bet enough to provide me with the income I require. That’s what I’d also recommend you to do.

How can I get in touch with you?

You will receive my personal contact details upon receiving the system.

What other gambling systems do you sell?

We used to sell another hugely popular racing system worth £750. You will get the other racing system free with the new formula.

Where is the best place to bet?

On the betting exchanges such as Betfair.com. Odds are a lot better than regular bookies. If you do use bookmakers just spread your bets around and try not to become known as a regular.

How long does it take to make a selection?

About 5 minutes each morning. Even less when you’ve had a little practice.

What other information do I need to have?

You'll need a newspaper with a decent racing section. We use The Daily Mail for all our bets. All our facts and statistics are based on selections using The Mail but any newspaper can be used.

There’s More Yet…..

Do I need to be a mathematician to follow the instructions?

No. It’s easy. The development of the formula required a mathematician and a statistician but they have done all the hard work for you. The only time you might need a calculator is when you’re adding up your winnings.

How much does the system cost?

Not as much as its worth! We’ve priced this formula so that only people who are really serious about making money will apply. That way we don't spend all our time processing orders just to find that all our customers’ bets have ruined the odds on our selections. Most of our money is made from gambling and we want to get decent odds on our bets.

Anyway the system costs £197 or £147 with our unique part exchange deal.

Can’t you make it a bit cheaper?

I am afraid other inferior systems you find on the internet are cheap for one reason (they don’t work!). I could cut corners and knock out any old system but that’s not my style. All my systems are researched in depth and you are paying for the top quality information that will pay you a handsome return for many years to come.

What we do offer though is a part-exchange deal. If you`ve bought a betting system from somewhere else and it didn’t turn out to be the success it promised, we`ll accept it in exchange for £50 off our normal price. The system can be for any sport/game etc. and the only conditions to this deal are that the system taken in part exchange must be commercially available and it must be the original, not a copy – we don’t want to break any copyright laws.

How do I get my copy of the Profectus Formula?

Just complete the payment form of your choice and we aim to get your copy to you within seven days in a plain sealed package by Royal Mail. Let me show you how you can copy me and do the same within 14 days from now, starting from scratch and regardless of your background – Test it Risk FREE! Learn from the formula from someone who’s already done it thousands of times during the last 28 years… raking in millions of pounds in profits from the bookmakers.

My highly-guarded formula works equally well for the beginner as well as the seasoned gambler, and puts an unfair (yet totally legal) advantage on your side. I’m so confident that you’ll make MORE MONEY while using this formula, regardless of market conditions - that I’m putting my OWN money where my mouth is…

Five Reasons To Start Today

1. Easy to Follow System Step-by-step formula. No jargon and no second guessing.

2. Just 15 minutes a day. No need to watch a screen all day. Bet from a laptop,

3. iPad or smartphone at a time that suits you. Bet from anywhere – total freedom

3. Test drive with no risk with our Lifetime Guarantee

4. For Beginners or Pros. Whether you’re a complete beginner or you already bet,

 I can help you make more money and give you an unfair advantage

                    Final Points…


If you've read this so far and you’re still unsure about whether to buy the formula, just take a look at the unbiased views of people who have actually used the system.

We recently carried out a survey amongst all of our customers. Over 70% of users replied. It was interesting in the categories of price, value for money and quality of results every single client rated the system was very good or excellent.

Users of the system also had the following things to say…

  I am excited and impressed with the results

 I have been using the formula for a few months now and it’s exactly what I have been looking for

ü  T     This formula is showing good profits to level stakes, congratulations!

ü  G    Great system. You have to be patient for one bet a day as it does work.

ü              This formula could well be a life changer. Very upbeat about the future now. Thank you.

ü  T    The formula has been very easy to follow.

ü  If     The formula continues as it started off I definitely think I made the right decision in buying the 
    Please stop selling this formula, I`ve got mine!

ü  I I  I found the formula very easy to follow and am happy that my lifetime guarantee will not be needed as    I was in profit from day 1!!

This is just a small selection of the many messages of praise I have received. Complete your application and  you could be one of a small group of people who actually make gambling pay.

Bottom line...?

You get access to my PROFECTUS FORMULA and enjoy the rewards that I've enjoyed over the years. Don't forget... you can get others to look after everything for you when you get going who'll then supply you with a monthly cheque of the profits from your formula bets.

This is one of the easiest methods to make money without having to become a highly skilled gambler. It's ideal for someone who just wants a very simple process of making money rather than having to learn highly technical betting skills.

This works. And can earn you £997, £1,997.00, £4,997.00... Even £9,997.000 per week!

But you have to now make the next move... and move quickly. There are only FIVE (5) copies available. Once they are gone that's it. So, this really isn't something that you can put away and think about for a few days...

You really need to act RIGHT NOW!

Because I can guarantee, there will always be somebody else ready to jump in front of you.

So don't let this very unique opportunity pass you by.

Reserve Your Copy today ...........

At Last a REAL Ethical Money Earner!
For the last two and a half years I’ve been pulling in superb extra cash. How? Well in a nutshell I`ve been backing The Profectus Formula selections and clearing thousands in profit. In fact in many cases the profit is so big it`s positively embarrassing. YOU can do the same and no experience is needed.

To secure your package...With our Unique Part Exchange deal...

To Secure your package without Part Exchange deal...

Or print off the PDF order form below form and send in your order here...

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Or contact me for Bank Transfer details

YES, please send me a copy of THE PROFECTUS FORMULA

Please make cheques, postal Orders payable to CONFIDENTIAL PUBLISHING. You have 7 days to secure your copy otherwise it will be passed on to the next qualifying client. If paying by cash send by registered post.

Priority Reservation Certificate

I ENCLOSE JUST £147 FOR 1 COPY (Normal terms £197 but this is on the basis of our PART-EXCHANGE DEAL: If you`ve bought a betting system from somewhere else, we`ll accept it in exchange for £50 off our normal price. The system can be for any sport/game etc. and the conditions to this deal are that the system taken in part-ex must be commercially available and it must be the original, not a copy.)

I ENCLOSE £197 FOR 1 COPY (Without part exchange deal)





Post Code…………………………..

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I authorise you to debit my Mastercard/Visa/Switch/Delta/Solo/Electron card with the sum of


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Please complete the whole form above and post along with correct payment to:

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