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"The Firecracker Bet"
Horse Racing System

Consider This....

Would you rather pay the same sum for a useless system made up from a spotty nerd who has never even ventured on to a racetrack, Or for a custom made system, fully researched with backdated results and sold to you from a man whom makes his full time living backing horses and is his lifetime passion?


The bookmakers of Britain have a lot to fear from Rod Slater and his team. If there was a global ambassador for making money from bookmakers and the horse racing industry this would be the man. He have made money for hundreds of discerning clients for over 10 years across the globe.



Indeed so successful is Rod Slaters Firecracker Bets System is that a little unnervingly as I am talking to him he freely admits he doesn’t really need to work any more.


 He says my team is experienced as I am. But I just love horse racing and I wouldn't feel right sitting at home. Its not a business its a mission. I love seeing clients who show me a really bad system that they have paid a fortune for then buy one of our systems thats perfect in every way, fully researched and backdated, designed with good heart from our racing team and superior in every way for half for a quarter of the price.


 The price of our systems are astonishing considering the quality. We are talking less than a price of a cup of coffee or a couple of beers a day for a premium system. Even our most expensive costs a third less that some of the systems and services available in the sporting Press.


 He now spends a lot of his time based abroad in the Winter months but says his life mission is still to the badly informed and overpaying British horse racing punter. This is why he comes back to the UK in the Summer months.

 Before he releases a system he puts it through his riggorous filter system.

 It now remains to be seen whether the Firecracker Bets system with its inspired mix of flair, genius and technology will see the end of badly informed British punters for good. On price alone its a  solution that will even please the most sceptical of punters…

If your hardest efforts to bets the bookie fail….you need Firecracker Bets Racing System

 If you're anything like me then the ultimate bet is the WINNING BET! 

And whilst most punters eventually give up expecting massive monthly profits from winners......

 I have been enjoying profits month after month backing winners using this secret strategy. 

As I write I have personally enjoyed 15 consecutive profitable months by simply betting on the selections of the strategy. 

It's shocked me to say the least and I'm well aware of the saying "if it sounds too good to be true it probably is." Well, after 13 months of Bookies cash in my pocket I had to share this. 

I contacted Confidential Publishing who started to proof the Firecracker Bets. The first full month being May 2017. This generated +84.17 points for the month. 

As I pen this letter on the 26th June 2017 the profit for the month is +78 points. 

Less than 8 weeks of revealing my Firecracker Bets Strategy to a third party and the profits had hit a mouth watering +162.17! 

That's £1,621.70 at £10 a point... £3,243.40 at £20 a point and for serious bettors an incredible £8,108.50 at £50 a point!!! 

That's some seriously healthy profit and I'm sure you'll agree! 

Let me tell you, whilst I only have about 8 weeks of proofing with Confidential Publishing I have been secretly enjoying the success of the strategy for well over a year and never, I repeat never had a losing month in the last 15 months! 

It's fine tuned and working like a dream. Yes there are losing day's but what really matters is that over time you consistently see those profits rise. The System is working and I hope you accept this invitation to claim your copy. 

Whilst I can't promise success in gambling I can quote proof. Imagine if you had followed the Firecracker Bets for May and June 2017 at £20 a point. 

The cash in your pocket would be £3,243.40. What would you do with that? That's some cash! Increase you bank for bigger profits, smart phones for family members, pay off debts, book a winter holiday in the sun, upgrade your car? 

The profits have been extraordinary and I'm convinced that anyone who buys a copy of my "Firecracker Bets" system will follow the selections for a very long time. 

I hope you decide to be part of this. 2 points to help you decide if this is for you...

1 - I have used the strategy for 15 consecutive months and not lost

2 - Confidential Publishing proofed for less than 8 weeks and made +162.17 points profit

The only thing left to really say is that the doors are now open and you have been invited to grab your copy and join me in "Firecracker Bets." Not because this is just another offer but because the person inviting you knows this is a real deal that can make you a stack of cash backing winning horses.



Don't delay a moment longer. 


This is a limited offer and will be removed without notice. 

If you're looking for a system that has some serious history of success and is reasonably priced then I really think you have found it. 

I'm a punter just like you and I have been through most of the crap out there. I'm fortunate enough to have discovered the Strategy and now it's time to share it with my fellow punters who are looking for profit.

Please read the following licence agreement. You must accept the following terms of agreement before downloading your copy of the 
 Bet System.

1. The system is the propriety and confidential property of the licensor

2. User agrees, understands and accepts that usage of the Firecracker bets shall be used solely by themselves and not be passed on to a third party.

3. You may download and use 1 copy of the Firecracker system on your computer. 

Click the button below now to instantly download your copy

Thank you for your interest in "Firecracker Bets." 

If you like what you see and decide to join I'll be in touch very soon with your welcome email, betting bank details and staking plan. 

Kind Regards 

Paul Firecracker Bets 

PS. Please note that initial copies available are being limited to 200. 

Once this target has been met a queuing system will be put in place

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